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Is Your Small Business Struggling To Adapt During COVID-19?

So much of what you have learned about business is just not working right now. New challenges and setbacks are flying at you faster than you can process them.  You are not the type of person who usually gets stuck, but this feels different. 

– You're scrolling through the news instead of creating content.

– You're cleaning the garage instead of contacting your customers.

– You're on your fourth Zoom networking meeting this week, but haven't signed any new clients.

You know you need to do something.  Realistically assess your alternatives, do something practical and embrace change. We designed the Resilience 90-Day Business Coaching program to help you find a path forward.

Remember, You're Still The Same Rock Star Entrepreneur

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we can't control the economy. We can embrace changes when the world changes around us. That's What Fighters Do. You're still the same rock star who turned an idea into a reality! How can you be strategic? How can you build a strong foundation for your business so that you can capitalize on future growth? Join us and we'll discover opportunities together.

Build a Resilient Infrastructure – Our Curriculum

Identify the challenges that require responses, spot relevant patterns,  adapt to changes and create alternative ways to move forward. Resilient businesses build a "resilient infrastructure":

  • Develop multiple sources of income
  • Invest in yourself and your learning
  • Create a digital strategy
  • Clearly define your message and visual brand
  • Cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce, supply chain and consultants
  • Build a solid financial foundation with cash reserves, budgeting and risk management
  • Be the leader who values different thinking styles
  • Design processes and workflows which make the work easier and fun
  • Optimize your financial plan for growth 
  • Tell your business story in the media

Let's Be Realistic.
What Will You Learn In 90 Days?

The goal of our 90-Day Business Financial Coaching Mentorship is to be your trail guides through this financially stressful time. Our promise is to coach you and your business to discover realistic, practical ideas for new sources of income, navigate financial challenges, and set a strategy to succeed in the post COVID-19 economy. 

How can you make this time of uncertainty really productive?

  • Can you pivot by driving new kinds of business to your firm? 
  • Can you create a digital business channel?
  • Can you create a business that is truly diverse and inclusive, even if you're a solopreneur?
  • Can you take advantage of the CARES Act and other government programs? 
  • What has to change in your business to survive a recession?
  • How can you balance your new lifestyle of working from home (and homeschooling)?

These are just some of the questions we'll explore in our 90-Day Mentorship.

We'll Get Through It Together – Join Our Community.

Surround yourself with people who are going to help you figure it out. Join our community as we navigate through rough waters of the pandemic over the next 90 days. Coached by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and business owner, Cynthia Meyer and guest topic experts, you will collaborate with other small business owners to help each other figure out new and practical ideas to move your business forward. We'll tackle ways to diversify your income and embrace the changes needed to drive new streams of revenue to your business.  

Learn Business Financial Resilience Strategies:

  • Learn from a cross section of different industries.
  • Make good decisions in the midst of financial stress.
  • Discover new sources of income for your business.
  • Create practical and achievable action steps that move your business forward.
  • Realistically assess your financial situation.
  • Communicate effectively with creditors and suppliers.
  • Examine where you can pivot your business model to match the new environment.
  • Collaborate with the community to encourage and inspire each other.
  • Clarify and communicate your business message.
  • Understand available resources including government and community benefits.


Meet Your Financial Coach

Cynthia Meyer is a financial mentor, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, CFA® Charterholder, real estate investor, blogger, and the founder of Real Life Planning.  She helps entrepreneurial people create multiple sources of income. Cynthia lives in New Jersey with her family.