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Financial Confidence – Financial Coaching & Community For Women

- Invite women to boot their financial savvy in a place they are free to ask any kind of question. 

  • Share ideas and get motivated through group members
  • really understand their financial 
  • how can they be great manager of investments
  • how to best use their income
  • manage their money
  • protect family - plan for college
  • Have a great relationship with your financial advisor

What it includes

educational 8 week course


3 Main Things You'll Get out of it

  • Make/Earn more money
  • Invest Intelligently 
  • Navigate Financial Decisions Gracefully

Topics Covered:

Where do you meet? Times

Who is this for?
Women Stay-at-home-moms - Professionals thinking about going back to work

  • Complex financial situations - homes, benefits, etc. 
  • May have a financial advisor - but talks to husband

Single Women mid-career 

  • Needs to start paying attention to money

Recently Divorced or Widowed