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LEARN new financial skills with webinars, DIY courses, Real Life Guides® and content aimed at improving your financial savvy.

Best for DIY investors, real estate lovers and learners

Webinars & Workshops

Get an introduction to the fundamentals of real estate and other financial education topics. Learn from financial planning expert, Cynthia Meyer, and top real estate and financial guests. 


The Real Life Blog

Read The Real Life Blog to help you get ready, feel more confident and be prepared to implement your real estate ideas. 


The Real Life Planning Podcast

 Join Cynthia Meyer as she interviews fascinating guests leading the real estate life and tackles real life financial challenges.
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DIY Online Courses 

Register for financial education DIY courses to get started and inspired on your real estate journey. We'll offer courses to help you be prepared, and financially confident at every stage of life.


Real Life Planning’s LIVE and LEARN services, included webinars, workshops, financial coaching groups, The Real Life Blog and The Real Life Planning Podcast are for general financial education purposes only. Please consult your financial, real estate, legal, or tax advisor for advice specific to your situation. None of the information provided is intended as investment, real estate, tax, accounting or legal advice, as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, or as an endorsement, of any company, security, fund, property, or other securities or non-securities offering. The information should not be relied upon for purposes of transacting securities or other investments. Your use of the information is at your sole risk. The content is provided ‘as is’ and without warranties, either expressed or implied. Real Life Planning does not promise or guarantee any income or particular result from your use of the information contained herein.

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