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Where Financial Planning Meets Real Estate

Real Life Planning offers unbiased personal financial planning for real estate investors - and those who dream of it. 

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Financial Mentorship For The Real (Estate) Life

Are you a busy professional who owns rental property, or are you thinking about getting started as a real estate investor? Whether you're a current landlord or aspire to own your first rental, you've got a different perspective. You look at your income as a tool for building financial independence from a paycheck, not just for spending on your lifestyle. 

If this sounds like you, we can help.

The real estate life can be rewarding, but it's not nearly as simple as it looks on TV.  How do you know if you're financially prepared? What type of real estate investment fits your life stage and finances? What's involved in being a landlord? Are you ready to buy your next rental property? How do you know if you're taking too much risk? Will you use leverage? Where should you invest? We'll help you figure it all out so that you're pursuing a real estate life that fits you.

Realize Your Financial Potential

Whether you're adding to your properties, listing your place on Airbnb or looking for your first rental, we'll help you create a realistic plan for your financial life goals.

Fee-Only CFP® Professionals

As a Fee-Only fiduciary firm and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), we work for you, not for Wall Street. We help you design a realistic financial life plan.

We're Real Estate Investors, Too

We walk our talk. We're rental property owners, financial planners and investors. Because we speak both real estate and financial planning, we can help you put it all together. 

Our Financial Planning Philosophy For Real Estate Investors

What is Fee-Only Financial Planning?

Fiduciary Financial Planning & Fee-Only Registered Investment Adviser

As Fee-Only financial planners, we work for you. Our fiduciary obligation is to work solely in your best interests. We offer wisdom and guidance – with no commissions or sales pitch – for a transparent monthly fee. 

We'll make sure all the pieces of your financial life fit together.




First, we listen. Then we help you develop a realistic financial plan to get where you want to go, whether that's growing your rental business, becoming a first-time landlord or including real estate in your investment strategy in other ways. Our process will help you feel ready, confident and financially prepared to pursue your real estate goals.


We'll be alongside you – with wisdom, guidance and coaching – so you can realize your financial potential.

Who are our clients? 

  • Rental property investors looking for a comprehensive financial plan
  • Investors considering adding real estate to their portfolios
  • Professionals considering a real estate side hustle
  • People with inherited rental property
  • Homeowners maximizing opportunities for income 
  • Married couples who want to make the most of their economic partnership

Our Core Services

Realize your financial potential with unbiased financial planning for all the important pieces (and people) of real life. 

  • LIFT: Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • LAUNCH: Financial Coaching
  • AIM: Project-Based Planning
  • LIVE: Live Workshops And Events
  • LEARN: DIY Online Education

All this for an affordable, transparent fee which fits
your life stage and situation.


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Fee-Only and Fiduciary

LIFT your financial life to a higher level with ongoing, comprehensive financial planning and investment management – our core solution.

Best for people who have mastered the financial basics and are looking to build on their financial foundation.

Why Choose LIFT?

You’ll collaborate with us to build a financial life plan and cohesive investment strategy to make sure all your finances – including your real estate , your income, your retirement and other investments – work together to help you realize your ambitious goals. 

Comprehensive Financial Life Planning 

Comprehensive financial planning that looks at all aspects of your financial life. 

Custom Investment Strategy

Custom investment Strategy that includes your real estate, your retirement and other investments. We'll design an investment policy statement that acts like a constitution for all your investments. 

Optional Low-Fee Investment Management

Optional Low-Fee Investment Management for all your non-real estate investments that are optimized to your goals and risk tolerance, and automatically rebalanced. Socially responsible portfolios are available.



Fee-Only and Fiduciary

LAUNCH your financial journey with financial coaching to get off to an excellent start.

Best for people just getting started (or restarted) on their financial journey, and who are looking to develop excellent  financial habits.

Why Choose LAUNCH?

Master the basics of money management and develop powerful financial habits that will last.



Fee-Only and Fiduciary

AIM high with a short term consultation with a CFP® to tackle a specific financial planning project or investment analysis. 

Best for individuals looking to answer a specific financial question within a short time frame.

Why Choose AIM?

Short-term engagement for project-based financial planning. We'll run all the important numbers, and help you work through your choices then give you a clear action plan to take the next step in confidence.

Plan For One-Time Decisions:

  • Should I buy or sell this property?
  • What should I do with my employee stock/stock options?
  • How to evaluate an employment offer or exit package?
  • How can I tackle my student loans or credit card debt?
  • What to do with my 401k when I leave my job?



CRUSH YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS with live workshops and and coaching groups.

Best for people who like hands on learning and the motivation of a group.

Why Choose LIVE?

Empower yourself with practical, hands-on group learning and coaching on essential financial topics.

Workshops can be customized to your company's needs, employee benefits and demographics.

  • Enroll in a live workshop or boot camp to boost your real estate knowledge.
  • Join a financial coaching group to boost your financial confidence and get inspired by peers with similar goals.
  • Engage your employees by bringing LIVE workshops, webinars and one-to-one financial consultations to your company.



Improve your financial skills and LEARN at your own pace.

For anyone interested in the real (estate) life.

Why Choose LEARN?

Gain new skills, boost your confidence and knowledge and get inspired.

DIY learning resources:

The Real Life Blog

Free intro workshops and webinars on real estate investing, home buying and other financial planning topics.

Real Life Guides™ with checklists and worksheets to dive deeper

Coming in 2020

DIY courses – learn online on your own time

Our podcast – get inspired by people living the real (estate) life


76% of  active real estate investors are younger than 55 years old - GenX and Millennial

- Source: Bigger Pockets

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